Santa Fe

Immerse yourself in the true Caribbean culture of total relaxation at the most exclusive oceanfront recreation resort of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.

About us

Welcome to Santa Fe!
We introduce you to a mystical and exclusive place that fuses the old world with the new world and transports us to the colonial era while offering an atmosphere of leisure and warmth under the bright Caribbean sun, luxuriant palm trees, spacious swimming pools, an immense blue ocean, and clear sky.

Recreative experience
Day pass

Spend an unforgettable day in the relaxing atmosphere of the Caribbean. Enjoy amazing views of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Feel like Christopher Columbus, who was astonished by these beautiful lands many years ago.

Gastronomic experience
Restaurant and Bars

At Santa Fe, you will enjoy a big variety of exquisite dishes of Mexican and Asian cuisine, as well as an extensive and innovative selection of drinks to suit every preference!

Living experience

Book a trip, plan a stay.
Immerse yourself in the Santa Fe way of life. This is more than a vacation—there are no borders to your backyard or to the comfort of where you lay your sunglasses.
Dominican tranquility.
Ultimate comfort.
Discover the experience your adventurous soul is seeking.

Own your paradise
Real Estate

Discover one of the most prestigious oceanfront residential communities on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, and enjoy resort-like amenities. 

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Exciting news at Santa Fe!
Santa Fe is open to the public!
Welcome to Santa Fe!